Why Your Athletic Experience Matters in an Interview

Why Your Athletic Experience Matters in an Interview

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When people prepare for interviews, they identify different skills and experiences that they believe will impress hiring managers. Unfortunately, they often fail to recognize how their participation in sports make them valuable candidates. Our FX Promotions leaders hope you won’t neglect your athletic pedigree the next time you interview for a new role. Point out the following to the person on the other side of the table.

Anyone who plays sports knows what it’s like to focus on and pursue a goal. They understand that winning is about delayed reward instead of instant gratification, and they are willing to make certain sacrifices to pursue their objectives. You’ve probably opted to practice late when you could have relaxed at home or gone out with your friends, for instance. You were willing to push yourself in order to improve, which required commitment and discipline.

Athletes also tend to realize they shouldn’t take things personally. When they receive constructive feedback or are pushed by their coaches, they know the messages they hear are for their own good. Similarly, when they face loss they have the mental toughness to figure out where they went wrong and make the changes necessary to do better in the future. Our FX Promotions hiring managers are always impressed by tenacity.

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