FX Promotions’ Live Strategy Gets People Talking About Products

FX Promotions grabs the attention of targeted markets. We start meaningful conversations with real people that quickly translate to measurable outcomes. Our strategy is based on your brand’s specific audience and the ideal on-site marketing locations and timing for reaching them. With our energetic and incentivized associates representing your product, you can rest easy knowing your sales needs will be met.

Too often, companies rely on digital marketing plans to attract buyers. By contrast, FX Promotions veers away from clicks and views – they’re too easy for people to ignore. Instead, we use face-to-face exchanges to make a much bigger impact. We talk to your consumers, observe their responses, and tailor our messages so each interaction helps them see how your brand fits into their lives.

Who FX Promotions Serves

A live sales campaign does what no indirect outreach can do. It’s about actually talking to your audience, in person. We use our expertise in consumer habits to stimulate buying decisions and drive greater profits for you. We’re flexible enough to provide brand representation in virtually any industry, from automotive glass to high-end cosmetics.

We proudly represent Express Glass. This company is recognized by the insurance industry as a leading provider of glass repair and replacement services. FX Promotions connects customers with auto glass technicians throughout the state to ensure a convenient solution for those who need it.

FX Promotions also represents top-tier cosmetics brands. Our people use their expertise in interactive marketing to create memorable buying experiences with these companies. We provide in-person demonstrations to address individual needs and introduce products that enhance lives.

Our team is the nexus of our success

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