The Unlikeliest Places to Find Motivation

The Unlikeliest Places to Find Motivation

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Even the most energetic and focused people don’t always feel motivated. That inner drive ebbs and flows, and sometimes it’s at its lowest when it’s most necessary. What do you do when all your usual means of getting inspired fail you? As our FX Promotions associates have learned, it’s possible to find motivation in places you may not expect it to be. Here are some examples:

• In Jealousy: Do you look at people you perceive to be successful, and wish you had their careers or their families or their material possessions? It’s natural to feel envious from time to time, though it’s best if you allow it to move you forward instead of make you bitter. Decide what you must do to advance toward your goal, and use your jealousy to push you into action.

• In Outrage: If you are a passionate individual, you probably find yourself enraged by the injustices of the world – on a regular basis. When you find yourself seething over an issue that’s important to you, our FX Promotions team encourages you to harness that raw energy to further the cause.

• Behind Procrastination: It’s quite possible that your motivation is there, but you can’t see it hidden behind all the distractions surrounding you. When you turn off your phone, log out of social media, and close your office door, your desire to act will be waiting.

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